Day Hike Trip- Australian Camp and Dhampus

 Hike Trip- Australian Camp

Recharge and revitalize yourself by joining us on a fabulous hike to Australian Camp. This one-day hike offers refreshing hikes in nature, a village experience, and walks through terraced farmland and cultural villages like Dhampus, Kande. Starting with a delicious breakfast in Pokhara, just an hour’s drive away, this easy hike promises an amazing luxury holiday near the Pokhara valley. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to renew and refresh yourself in the beauty of Australian Camp and Dhampus Village.

History of Australian Camp

In the late 1980s, Austria camp became a favorite spot for visitors who found its beauty captivating. They would come and camp there for days, enchanted by the tranquil atmosphere and the breathtaking views of the mountains. Over time, the locals began referring to it as “Austrian camp” due to its association with the Austrian visitors. However, the name proved challenging for the Nepalese people to pronounce accurately, resulting in a shift to the pronunciation of “Australian camp.” As a result, the place acquired a new name, Australian Camp, which has stuck ever since.

Australian Camp, originally named “Thulo Kharka,” was a large pasture where buffalo and cow herders from nearby villages would graze their animals.

Why it is Best Day Hike Trip- Australian Camp and Dhampus?

This day hike to Australian Camp and Dhampus is the perfect excursion for travelers with limited time on their hands. Its brevity ensures that even those with a packed itinerary can savor the essence of Nepal’s beauty without the constraint of time. 

So, whether you’re a time-conscious traveler or simply looking for a refreshing day escape, the Australian Camp and Dhampus day hike promises a memorable experience that seamlessly weaves together nature’s beauty and the rich tapestry of Nepali culture. Dive into this mini-adventure and make the most of your precious moments in this enchanting part of the world.

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Day Hike Trip- Australian Camp and Dhampus

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