Hiking Equipment List

The crux of knowing what to take is knowing what to expect.

Basically you should plan with 4 specific climates/functions in mind:

  • travelling and trekking in the hot low country, + fine weather trekking in the cooler high country
  • difficult conditions when pass crossing/high country trekking (rare, but you should be prepared)
  • COLD high country evenings …. Obviously, much of your gear will fulfill multiple roles.


  1. good hiking boots and a comfortable pair of lightweight village shoes
  2. Wool and/or Synthetic Socks
  3. Base Layer Top – Synthetic, wool or silk
  4. Base Layer Bottoms – Synthetic, wool or silk – optional for cool or winter days
  5. Mid-Insulation Layer Top – Down Jacket, Pile (fleece), light synthetic fill or wool sweater/jacket
  6. Hiking Pants- Synthetic multipurpose pants
  7. Light Wind Shell – Windproof, water resistant layer for high aerobic work
  8. Weather Layer Top – Gore-Tex or other waterproof breathable jacket, or coated nylon
  9. Weather Layer Pants – Gore-Tex or other waterproof breathable pants, or coated nylon
  10. Warm Outer Jacket – Down or synthetic for cool or winter days
  11. warm Wool or Synthetic Hat
  12. Brimmed Cap – Preferably wool or synthetic but cotton will do if other unavailable
  13. Face Warmer – Scarf, neck tube, face mask – optional, for cool or cold days or nights
  14. Light Gloves – Wool, synthetic or leather
  15. Warm Gloves or Mitts – for cool or winter days
  16. Gaiters – for wet weather
  17. Handkerchief or Buff
  18. hiking skirt for ladies – knee length or mid leg

Warm Weather Hiking

  1. Shorts – or convertible pants
  2. light quick dry T shirt

Personal Equipment

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sun and Lip Cream
  3. Head Lamp + extra batteries
  4. Water Bottle or Hydration System …. 2 liter bladder and one metal one liter metal water bottle that can be also used for a hot water bottle at night if it is cold
  5. Blister Kit – Mole Skin
  6. Pocket Knife
  7. Camera – + charger & extra battery – Optional
  8. Binoculars – Optional
  9. Walking stick / collapsible hiking poles
  10. Day Pack – 40 – 50 liters max + pack rain cover
  11. Large soft duffle pack for the main gear, – no frame and no wheels. Line the duffel pack with garbage bags.
  12. Sleeping Bag – check with guide
  13. Sleeping Pad and/or Thermarest – check with guide
  14. Sleeping bag Liner
  15. Eating Bowl, Cup and Utensils – check with guide
  16. Wash Kit – soap, towel, brush, toothbrush, paste, shaving kit
  17. Insect Repellent
  18. Ear Plugs
  19. Personal Medicinal Drugs – pain, cold/flu, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory etc. vitamins Diamox for altitude sickness (discuss with your physician prior to leaving home)
  20. Aquatabs, tablets to purify your water, one tablet does a liter so times that by 4-6 liters a day
  21. Toilet Paper in ziplock bag
  22. Reading Material, Writing Material
  23. Hut or Camp Shoes
  24. Nylon stuff sacks lined with garbage bag for clothes
  25. Zip lock bags with snack food, energy bars
  26. Quick drying towel small
  27. Ski goggles – very useful for going over a high col in bad weather
  28. spare eyeglasses – also bring a copy of eyeglass prescription
  29. light pillowcase – stuff jacket inside it to make a pillow.

Group Equipment First Aid Kit

  1. Emergency Sac – Nylon tarp or envelope sack to cover group or injured member
  2. Group Repair Kit – May substitute for personal repair kits or supplement them
  3. Two-way Radio or Cell Phone – Check for coverage and frequencies in your area
  4. GPS – May be optional depending on trip
  5. Small Stove and Pot – May be optional depending on trip
  6. Water Filter – optional on short trips where you can carry required water
  7. Light Tarp – For cooking shelter
  8. Ground sheet – optional
  9. Multi-purpose cord
  10. Lighter and Matches
  11. Maps
  12. cord for hanging damp gear inside tent at night – if tenting
  13. tarp for group to sit on at lunchtime


  • Bruce & Therese Roberts, warmheartmedia; Vernon B.C. Canada
  • Leanne Stringer, Vernon B.C. Canada, + MargGmoser, Banff AB Canada