Is previous hiking experience required to go on a trek?

As long as you are in good physical shape, you do not require any hiking experience for short treks. If you are planning a trek longer than a week, you should work out or do long day hikes at home.

What other immunizations are required?

Consult your own travel medical clinic for details.

Is it necessary to take precautions against Malaria?

It is not necessary to take Malaria prevention medicine unless you will be visiting a Jungle Lodge.

What is the temperature and weather like?

Temperatures in Kathmandu are:

Degrees CDegrees F

Between 1000m and 3500m the temperature could be as high as 20 deg C to 5 deg C low. At higher altitude, the temperature ranges from 20 deg C to -10 deg C. During winter it is around 10 deg colder.

Is it necessary to take precautions against Malaria?
It is not necessary to take Malaria prevention medicine unless you will be visiting a Jungle Lodge.

What is the best season for trekking?

The best time for trekking in October to early December and March/April, but flights are often full during this time and trails may be crowded.

Can I go trekking in the months of June and July?

It is not very good trekking during the monsoon season from June to August except treks in the Himalayan rain shadow like Mustang and Kailas.

What arrangements for drinking water are made while on trek?

You should bring a one-liter water bottle with you on the trek. We prefer that you purify water yourself using iodine in order to save scarce fuel. We can provide a limited amount of boiled water that you can use to fill your water bottle in the evening.

Are Malla Sisters trekking crew insured?

Our company insures all our trekking staff, including porters.

Can Malla Sisters provide a Guide or a porter?

Yes! We can, however organize a Tea House trek in which a Guide, porter, meals and accommodations in lodges is included.

Is a Trekking permit required?

The government of Nepal no longer requires a trekking permit except for a few restricted areas. However, we do require your passport details in advance in order to make your national park or conservation permit.

Is communication to home possible while on trek?

There are a few telephones in some villages along the popular trekking routes from which you can make international calls.  However if you carry a cell phone with a Nepali SIM card you can access service from many villages.

Does Malla Sisters have a brochure?

We do not have a brochure but you can visit our

Is it possible/easy to get equipment on hire?

There are trekking shops in Kathmandu, Thamel in particular, & Pokhara where you can easily rent or buy items like sleeping bags, down jackets, rucksacks and duffel bags.

How many extra days should I allow in case of flight cancellation?

If you are flying from a remote mountain airstrip like Lukla, Jomsom, Simikot, Taplejung and Dolpo, we should keep at least two spare days before your departure for home.

What is the maximum weight allowed on domestic flights?

The normal weight limit is 20 kilograms. While the helicopter shuttle system is operating the limit to Lukla is 15 kg.

How can I make advance payment?

Malla sisters will provide banking information to do a bank to bank wire transfer.
Please do not mail cheques to Nepal as they can get lost or stolen in the mail. In any payment, please be sure to include your name and the reference number that we will provide you.

How can I pay Malla Sisters?

If you are paying in person in Nepal, we request that you pay in cash or Travellers cheques as the bank charges for credit cards are quite high.Malla Sisters does not accept credit cards.

What are your payment terms?

We prefer full payment in advance before you arrive in Nepal, but if you prefer to make final payment after you arrive in Nepal, we will accept a US$500 per person advance deposit to confirm your reservation. You may pay the balance in cash or Travellers Cheques in Nepal.